Meet Janice

Janice is a Renaissance woman led by her curiosity, spirit of adventure, willingness to accept risk, and desire to help others. She has a BS from the University of California and a doctorate in chiropractic from Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa. In 1993 she stepped out of chiropractic to study with Kendrick Mercer of The Garden Company. There she served with ever increasing responsibility as teacher and coach until 2010.

Janice’s wide assortment of life experiences bring a unique wisdom to her coaching and mentoring and enable her to connect strongly with each client’s situation. Janice’s personal interests have led her to create an independent coaching practice and specialize in two interrelated areas of coaching and mentoring: individual development and relationship development.

Her off-duty activities include gardening, personal development, and continuing professional studies in psychology and interpersonal relations including advanced work with JFK University in Integral Theory. She has been with her husband, Dick Wingerson, since 1999, and they live in northern Idaho with their two kitties.

Janice & Dick